Policies and Guidelines for Messages

Posting Messages on the InterMissions Group

Overall Guidelines
  1. The InterMissions group is for English speaking, evangelical missionaries living and serving in Guatemala.  The IM Message Board and FaceBook Group is a service to the missionaries in Guatemala.  
  2. All messages sent to the IM Message Board or the FB Page require approval to comply with the established policies.  The moderator(s), with the assistance of the Framing Committee, has the right to deny any message not abiding by the guidelines, or the message may be returned, asking for it to be revised, but not aways.  
  3. Allow a minimum of 4 days for approval and posting of your message.  
  4. InterMissions is providing a community communication service and is not liable or responsible for verifying the contents of each email.  Sellers/buyers take full responsibility and risk for their transaction.  The content of an email is the sole responsibility and opinion of the Sender and does not represent InterMissions, a moderator or any the IM committee members.  
Posting to the Community Page or Email List +
  1. Sign into the IM Community page using your username and password.
  2. You can easily post your message following the Community Guidelines.
  3. You may also send an email message as “Plain Text” to Posts@intermissiongt.org
  4. Community posts and Email messages cannot include special formatting, photos, or attachments. Mention may be made in the message that “a photo of the item is available upon request,” or links to external pages where people may find view the pictures.
  5. Messages should include the name, phone, and e-mail address of the sender.
  6. Any approved IM member will be able to view posts on the Community Page and any comments or responses to it.
  7. The Message “subject line” should be short and clearly understood (i.e. vehicle needed, house for rent, need doctor reference, sale in Ciudad San Cristobal, etc.)
  8. Please try to limit the number of messages sent. Include all pertinent information the first time.
    • IM will send the same post with the same subject up to 3 times within a two-month time period. A message can be sent one more time beyond the 2-month time period.
    • IM will send any revised post on the same subject as necessary.
Posting to the IM FaceBook Group +
  1. Once your membership to the IM Community is approved you may request to be add to the IM FaceBook Page.
  2. Messages may include any important information, photos and links to exterior pages.
  3. Your personal profile will be connected to the FB post, but you should include key contact information.
Approved Messages +

In general, approved messages include messages of information seen as a “service” that would be beneficial to the IM community such as:

  1. Conference Messages: Messages regarding the annual InterMissions Family Conference.
  2. Alert Messages: Security alert messages from the U.S. Embassy or Warden Messages
  3. Event Messages: Informing of public events that may be of interest to the missionary community. (i.e.: workshops, retreats, Bible studies, etc.) Fundraising activities or personal businesses are not allowed.
  4. Requests: A request from a missionary seeking or looking for:
    • Reference or referral to a service, ministry of a certain type, company, person, etc. (i.e. doctor, lawyer, mechanic, maid, shipping company, Guatemalan personnel needed for a ministry, where to buy/find something, or for some other service).
    • To rent or purchase (see “For Sale” messages below) a house, apartment, condo, land, building, equipment, household goods, or vehicle, etc.
  5. For Sale: Messages regarding the sale of any items (i.e. leaving the country sale, wanting to sell an item that you no longer are using, etc.) must come from an IM missionary, and must include the missionary’s name, phone number, and email address for reference.
    • When posting items for sale, avoid possible questions by including the price, whether Dollars or Quetzals, a detailed description, and city or area where you live.
  6. Informational Messages (brief and factual): A post may be allowed by a missionary informing the community of a house for rent, maid available for work, sale of household goods or such from a non-missionary, but the person to contact “for more information” must be the missionary posting the message.
Unapproved Messages +

In general, unapproved messages include:

  1. Profit/Fundraising Messages: Those “advertising” a service that a missionary has for making profit. Or messages about an event that is actually a fundraiser for the ministry or the individual missionary. These messages include breeding (“looking for a mate” or “we’re breeding and have for sale…”), Mary Kay/AVON/Tupperware/Amway, Online business (travel/referral links), etc.
  2. Service Reference or Referral Messages: Messages “advertising” a business or an enterprise, (i.e. restaurant, doctor, store, mechanic, business, etc.) even if it seems the message is an innocent “FYI” about a business, whether it’s Christian-owned or not.
  3. “Too Much Info” TMI Messages: Messages for an actual need, but the email has a long story, or too much detailed personal information. Reject for re-write or edit to be brief and factual to become a message for approval. (i.e.: 18 yr old male alcoholic needs rehab = Seeking Rehab ministry, etc)
Privacy and Security +
  1. In the interest of privacy and security, do not forward IM messages to others not in the IM group, unless you know them and are sure that they will not abuse of any information received.
  2. Please do NOT share your printed IM directory with those not in the IM Community (English- speaking missionaries). In a few instances others have taken email addresses from the Directory, placed them in their personal email contact list or database, and then sent emails to missionaries without permission. (Ministry newsletters or soliciting, etc).
  3. Before making a purchase or rental, putting funds into a person’s bank account or signing documents read its entirety, be sure of the seller or renter by meeting in person or ask around, and ensure what you are purchasing or renting. You are responsible for the transaction.
  4. Giving false information or for any abuse of sending messages to the group can result in immediate removal from the IM Community Email List and FaceBook Page and possible membership removal.