InterMissions is an annual Conference and a year-round Community!

The first “Intermissions” conference we have a record of was held in 1937 from Tuesday, March 2nd to Thursday the 4th.  It was called the “Conference of Evangelical Missionaries” and was held at “Colegio La Patria” in Guatemala City.  The conference in 1938 was called “The Intermission Conference.” The program of the early conferences included devotional times, presentation and discussion of topics of current interest, and business sessions.  For many years the conference was hosted by larger mission organizations and had formal membership of each participating mission organization.

For many years now, InterMissions has provided the native English-speaking Evangelical missionary community in Guatemala a unique weekend of inspiration, encouragement, and fellowship.  InterMissions continues to be something that many missionaries look forward to each year.  With a Bible conference format, spiritual refreshment and renewal are provided for all ages.  Many missionaries are heavily involved in their individual ministries, and have few opportunities for English Bible teaching, for meeting with other missionaries also serving in Guatemala, and for singing some of their favorite hymns and choruses in English.

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