There are two groups responsible for organizing the InterMissions Family Conferences a Framing Committee and a Finishing Committee.

Framing Committee:

The Framing Committee is a group of individuals who have served as Coordinators of previous conferences; they serve as the overall coordinating group looking ahead and lining up speakers, worship teams children and youth workers for future conferences. The Framing Committee has the final word regarding any major decisions regarding the organization and operation of InterMissions.

Introducing the current Framing Committee (alpha order):

  • John & Tracy Batchelor
  • Nathan & Claudia Hardeman
  • Sergio & Linda Mijangos
  • Steve & Elisa Sywulka
  • Irv & Janet Wenger
  • Kendon & Wendy Wheeler

Finishing Committee:

The Finishing Committee is named each year, is made up of representatives from various mission organizations or ministries, and is responsible for the organization and coordination of the next InterMissions Family Conference.

It is preferred that members serve on this committee for 2 or 3 years, giving continuity to the program.

It is preferred that the Coordinator be one who has served on the Finishing Committee at least one year previously, thus having a working knowledge of the functions and responsibilities of the Finishing Committee.

Monthly meetings are usually held for 7 to 10 months prior to a conference for making plans and arrangements.

Conference CoordinatorTracy Batchelor
Conference TreasurerKendon Wheeler
Committee SecretaryDiane Quigley
Facility CoordinatorsKen & Cindy Spaugh
Workshop CoordinatorLily Stone
Children/Preschool Coordinator
Youth CoordinatorJoshua Cook
Worship Team
Printing Materials CoordinatorBettie Colson
Singles Team CoordinatorsJenny Johnson
Registration CoordinatorLee & Staci Jarvis
Display Tables & Information Sessions Coordinators
Services Appointment CoordinatorLinda Mijangos